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Just a few, random thoughts...
My house smells like fish. Fortunately, it's good fish. I am in the… 
12th-Apr-2006 04:03 pm
militant owl
My house smells like fish.

Fortunately, it's good fish.

I am in the very slow, drawn out throes of developing the perfect gefilte fish. These throes are taking so long because I only make it once a year, and this is only the third year I'm trying it. The first year I went with half snapper and half salmon, which was pretty good but I thought the salmon overwhelmed the snapper. Last year I went with straight snapper, but added ginger and coriander to try for a delicately asian flavor. Tasted great fresh, but by the time it had chilled overnight the ginger and coriander flavors had dissapated. This year I'm going back to the salmon and snapper combo, but this time in a 1:3 ratio. They are a very delicate pink. I haven't tasted them yet.

Of course, this means I have really yummy fish stock for later in the week. Boulliabaise? Chowder? We'll see...

Happy Seder, Easter, early Equinox or long weekend, whatever you celebrate.
13th-Apr-2006 09:22 am (UTC)
I'm sorry, pink? .... ok, fair enough. It doesn't have to be gray-white and served on a lettuce leaf (is it in the Talmud somewhere, that the first course for the seder has to be gefilte fish? I missed that, and my family never did that, but every seder I've ever been to that I didn't run myself has done that).

It took me a couple of years before I realized that gefilte fish was basically just meatloaf, and since then I've had more fun with it. I think gefilte fish and salsa sandwiches (after Pesach, of course) are great, especially when you nuke the fish. If I can make salmon loaf (my father's recipe calls for spinach/raisin/pine nut filling), why not gefilte salmon?

I finally got the carrot candy down, and last year my mother fixed the cake recipe I've been ruining for fifteen years (by putting in four times more chocolate than the actual recipe, which destroys the eggs) because we transcribed it wrong. I'm not trying anything new this year, I don't think. Maybe next year.
13th-Apr-2006 01:09 pm (UTC)
"I realized that gefilte fish was basically just meatloaf"

I think of it as poached fish cakes, but each to their own. Hubby and I like having them with ginger-wasabi sauce, the kids prefer ketchup.

We had seder at someone else's house this year, so I'm not doing the full shtick, but I can't skip the chicken soup with matzah balls tradition, so I'm doing that tonight. I'm going to try a Chinese flavored broth with ginger/spring onion flavor in the dumplings. Later in the week we'll try the matzah lasagna again - it came out pretty well last year, but I think it could use improvement.

Hubby once speculated that the only reason I keep any connection to my Jewish heritage is for the food. I'm not entirely sure he's wrong ;D
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