mochi_tsuki (mochi_tsuki) wrote,

My house smells like fish.

Fortunately, it's good fish.

I am in the very slow, drawn out throes of developing the perfect gefilte fish. These throes are taking so long because I only make it once a year, and this is only the third year I'm trying it. The first year I went with half snapper and half salmon, which was pretty good but I thought the salmon overwhelmed the snapper. Last year I went with straight snapper, but added ginger and coriander to try for a delicately asian flavor. Tasted great fresh, but by the time it had chilled overnight the ginger and coriander flavors had dissapated. This year I'm going back to the salmon and snapper combo, but this time in a 1:3 ratio. They are a very delicate pink. I haven't tasted them yet.

Of course, this means I have really yummy fish stock for later in the week. Boulliabaise? Chowder? We'll see...

Happy Seder, Easter, early Equinox or long weekend, whatever you celebrate.
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