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Just a few, random thoughts...
Libraries are wonderful. With my limited energy, we don't get to… 
5th-Nov-2011 02:43 pm
book cat
Libraries are wonderful.

With my limited energy, we don't get to the local library as often as I'd hoped. It's less than a 10 minute walk away (one of the key selling points when we bought the house!), but life's been stressful and the kids aren't quite up to going and checking books out on their own. Soon, but not yet.


Libraries have regular book sales. Today, we bought 44 books and 8 videos for $35.75. Madeleine L'Engle and Lloyd Alexander and Roger Zelazny for the Peanut, who is in a fantasy phase, more of The Magic Treehouse and the start of the Anne of Green Gables series for the Bean, William Burroughs, Werner von Braun's History of Rocketry and a book on the Mathematics of Lewis Carrol for Mr. Mochi. Assorted biographies for me. And much more.

There were a few moments of whimsy. The discovery that the history section was mostly composed of books by Bill O', Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh. The Bean's innocent questioning of "why does the picture of a monkey look kind of like a person?" about a book on George W. Bush (I swear, I didn't prompt her, she came up with it all by herself).

I'm wrecked, but smugly satisfied. So we don't get to the library that often, we brought a bit of the library home instead. That's a good day.
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