mochi_tsuki (mochi_tsuki) wrote,

We bought the house. Sort of. Despite repeated assurances from real estate agents and bankers on both sides of the Pacific that wire transfers are completed within 24 hours, the money isn't there. Well, technically it's there, we just can't get at it. It seems that Homeland Security has decided that all international wire transfers need to be held in processing at the Federal Reserve for 3 to 5 business days so, umm, gee, no one seems to know why. I'm guessing it's so the government can hang on to the funds for a few days. After all, there is a lot of money shipped back and forth every day. Our government now gets at least 3 days use of that money for no particular reason other than that they can.

The agent checked with the seller's agent and the sale will still go through, just a couple of days later.

For more of the adventures of the Mochi's in mortgage-land, see you_thought_wtf
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